Community Benefits

Pinawa Demonstration Reactor

StarCore Nuclear is partnering with the Local Government District of Pinawa to demonstrate their first SMR at the Whiteshell Laboratories site. The community of Pinawa (population 1,500) is located at the edge of the Manitoba Hydro electricity grid and so already has reliable, affordable energy. For demonstration purposes, Pinawa is willing to become an “off-grid” community powered by the StarCore Nuclear SMR and become the Demonstration Remote Community.

Benefits to the Pinawa Community

Demonstrating Lower Costs and Eliminating Diesel Reliance for Remote Off-Grid Communities

Because of its strategic location, Pinawa already has reliable and affordable hydro-electric generated power so in that regard, the residents of Pinawa will not directly benefit from the StarCore Nuclear Demonstration. However, by becoming the Demonstration Remote Community, the Local Government District of Pinawa and StarCore Nuclear will be able to demonstrate to other remote, off-grid communities or mining companies the potential benefits of being powered by an SMR. Visitors from remote locations will be able to come and see the StarCore Nuclear SMR operating safely, reliably, clean, greenhouse gas free, and cost-effectively and powering Pinawa, a small community just like theirs.

Growing Year-Round Produce

The addition of a StarCore Nuclear SMR to Pinawa will provide surplus affordable power that can be used to grow fresh fruit and vegetables year-round. While Pinawa’s climate is not as harsh as in Northern Canada, the winter low temperatures can be colder than -30 or -40 degrees Celsuis. The Pinawa demonstration site will include hydroponic and greenhouse facilities designed and developed for northern climates to prove that affordable fruits and vegetables can be grown year-round.

“While this project serves to boost the job prospects and economic viability of our region, we also see it as an opportunity for learning and supporting greener, more environmental and sustainable solutions for communities and people in need of energy.”

Jobs and Community Investment

The estimated economic activity for the proposed Demonstration Remote Community project in PInawa includes 265 full-time continuing jobs, 450 spinoff jobs, 2,400 man-years of construction work, and an injection of $600 million into the Eastern Manitoba economy over the first 10 years of a 25 year project.

Pioneering Pinawa

“This opportunity would establish Pinawa as the first small community in the world to be powered by a SMR. This is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the benefits for other communities not only in Canada, but also around the world.”

Letters of Support

  • James Bezan, MP
  • Mitacs in Manitoba
  • Women in Nuclear (WiN) Canada
  • Whiteshell School District
  • Whiteshell Professional Employees Group
  • Whiteshell Technical Employees Group
  • United Steel Workers Local #7806
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #2304
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #2085
  • Pinawa Community Development Corporation
  • Manitoba Building Trades
  • Canadian Association of Nuclear Host Communities
  • Community Futures Winnipeg River
  • MIRARCO Mining Innovation
  • Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries
  • Republic of Indonesia
  • Rural Municipality of Alexander
  • Rural Municipality of Brokenhead
  • Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet
  • Rural Municipality of Reynolds
  • Rural Municipality of Springfield
  • Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach
  • Rural Municipality of Whitemouth
  • Town of Beausejour
  • Town of Lac du Bonnet
  • University of Manitoba


Our four-phase process will be completed in a six-year window:

These phases include an initial environmental assessment, a detailed engineering plan, the vendor design review process, as a well as a license to construct. The plan is to break ground in the fall of 2026 with operations to commence by the end of 2028.

University Partnership

The University of Manitoba is excited to partner with StarCore and its Demonstration Remote Community in Pinawa. There is an opportunity to improve the quality of life in remote, off-grid communities by not only providing safe and affordable power, but by increasing access to education and telehealth, growing fresh produce, and pursuing economic development. The proposed project will create a variety of new jobs, which can ideally be filled by Manitobans, including a significant number of indigeous Manitobans.

Adding Community Value

The adoption of a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) in a remote community or mine site will bring safe, affordable, and carbon-free electricity to that location. Other benefits to the community include high-speed internet, fresh water and year-round, locally-grown produce.