About StarCore

StarCore Nuclear is a collective of nuclear engineers, designers, and energy specialists dedicated to designing and optimising Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) using High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR) technology.

Our goal is to offer small-scale, safe, affordable, and carbon-free power production in remote communities throughout Canada and the world.

The Team

David Dabney

Chief Executive Officer

Leading the team with 25+ years in international business, including mining, refining, operations management, sales, international business development, acquisitions, and the building of an international specialty materials company.

Dr. Leo Eskin

Director of Engineering

Leo is an engineer and data scientist who brings over thirty years of experience with power plant design and optimization.

Dr. Mike Yates

Manager of Projects

Mike has more than 30 years of experience on power industry projects including work on nuclear, gas turbine, and coal projects. He served as the Project Engineer on the Harris 900 MWe nuclear plant and Project Manager on the WPS Project 3 and Waterford III 1100 MWe nuclear plants.

Ross J. Elliott

Director-Australian Business Development

Ross held senior executive positions in the minerals and metals industry for over 25 years, including management of technical services to smelting and refining and collaboration on quality and operational productivity and business analysis with international customers.

Blair C. Skinner

Mayor of the Local Government District of Pinawa

Over 22 years on Council, he has been leading the way to develop a new economy for Pinawa and the region centred around the Whiteshell Laboratories site. The last 5 years have been dedicated to developing a nuclear future for the Whiteshell Laboratories site.

StarCore News

Learn About the Pinawa Demonstration Reactor Site

StarCore's first reactor project is set to change the nature of nuclear power forever.