Our Team

Dr. Leo Eskin

Director of Engineering

Leo has over thirty years of experience with power plant design and optimization. He was a principal developer of the GateCycle™ heat balance design code for combined cycle gas turbine, fossil and nuclear power plants. Leo later went on to co-develop the EfficiencyMap™ software program, which coupled to the plant control system to provide a real-time energy balance and performance analysis for plant owners and operators. He led the installation of EfficiencyMap at multiple sites, worldwide. Leo has held executive positions in multiple start-ups in the energy, software and commercial construction fields, and has successfully completed infrastructure projects totaling over $80 million. Leo is an engineer and data scientist with a BS (Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Option) from Virginia Tech, an MS (Mechanical Engineering) from Virginia Tech, and a PhD (Mechanical Engineering with Electrical Engineering Minor) from Stanford. He also held Nuclear Reactor Operator (RO) and Senior Nuclear Reactor Operator (SRO) licenses with the U.S. NRC for the Virginia Tech research reactor.

Leo enjoys spending time with family, cooking and skiing, and is a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200).

Additional Titles & Accolades

VPI University BSc ME, Stanford University PhD ME, Cogent Science Pres. & Founder, LPP Combustion Pres., Thermodynamics, Systems Eng., Licensed Senior Reactor Operator